Best Dropservicing Niches & Micro-Niches in 2020

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020


Dropservicing is getting popular everyday. But finding a niche can be a challenging task. I have tried to simply it for you. Here are some of the best dropservicing niches & micro niches in 2020. Comment below which one do you like the most!

Dropservicing Niche 1 - Deepfake

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

Startup Plan for $0.33

The whole idea is based on a technology known as ‘deepfake’. This is a new technology that is growing at a very high speed and yet many people don’t know about it! Let me ask you a question – Have you seen the fake Obama video that went viral? Here’s a link to it –

A brief into the technology:

Deepfake is a technology through which we can swap faces and voices of people with each other. For example, if I get a 25-year-old woman to record a short video and then give the machine learning algorithm some data of Selena Gomez [Data means photos from different angles, audios, etc.], I will get a video of Selena Gomez recording the video and not the other woman. This machine-learning algorithm does everything for you.

Now that you have an idea of deepfake let’s continue:

You can create multiple services that will allow parents to create a personalized video message as a gift for their kid of any character they want. You can also create a service that will allow people with birthdays to gift their friend a personalized video message from let’s say a celebrity. You can also create a service that will allow people to create a personalized motivational and wishing video for their relatives or friends who might be a patient. A more micro category could be Pregnant women. This will give the patient positive energy, happiness, and hope.

Industry size:

The industry for personalized gifts is expected to reach $31.63 billion by 2021 according to Business Wire – A Berkshine Hathaway company. Source Link –

Your Possible Market:

  • Pregnant Women
  • People with possible relation to Patients
  • Parents with kids
  • Gifts for women whose birthday is coming
  • People with old parents
  • Young teenagers who like to flex

The ways

Now comes the question of how to execute this? How do you create these deepfake videos? You have a couple of different options. Please note that there may be more options than mentioned below.

  1. Getting a deepfake website to create videos for you. A somewhat famous link –
  2. Getting software that creates deepfake video
  3. Hiring people from Upwork and Freelancer to create a deepfake for you. There are freelancers who do this work. They are just not popular enough. 
  4. Hiring a company or freelancer to create a machine learning program for you [This will be very expensive].

The sales:

How much should you charge? Who do you think will pay more, a parent for their kid or a friend? Obviously a parent. You should know that this technology is a high ticket product as of right now. A friend might not pay $1000 for a gift but a parent might for his kid. You can charge around $750 for a 30-second video. However, you may have to do some more research on the pricing. Since you will not have that many competitors. The majority of people don’t even know what deepfake is!

The problem

One problem might arise in front of you and that is licensing. You can’t sell a video with a person who has not given you permission to create a deepfake. To overcome this you may partner up with some small influencers and pay them either a royalty or an upfront amount to use their face. The benefit of this hard work is that once you move past this one problem/entry barrier you can really scale the business. 

The Business:

If you want to start a business as a startup company, you have the ability to do so. You can sign gifts specific licensing deals with big corporations for characters like Batman and Ironman or even less popular characters. 

You can also partner up with influencers so that if anyone buys a deepfake of their face, they get a commission. This will also give you a free promotion from that influencer on social media.

The future:

Once you start to see some business and profit you can scale the business by creating your own machine learning algorithm and partnering up with big celebrities. This will allow you to create a platform where people can create a wishing video with any celebrity of their choice.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very very hard business model with a very high risk. It is impossible to start this business without a co-founder and some knowledge in this field. You will need to raise capital and you cannot call this a normal drop servicing business. I shared this idea with you just because I like the overall concept. 

Startup Plan for $0.33

Dropservicing Niche 2 - Profile Analysis

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

Analyzing and suggesting people on how to improve their profile. This will include things like resume analysis, social media analysis, qualification analysis. The majority of the people have old fashioned resumes. If you want you can create a service that is based only on improving the design of resumes. In qualification analysis, you can hire people who will suggest the customer how they can improve their qualifications by maybe taking a course or a program.

You can create a free service at the start which gives people a rating of their current profile and shows them upto how much they can improve it if they work with you. It is a freemium modal!

You can also the logo design niche from the other document here as an extra feature. 

Later upselling them on a very low recurring plan like $1 / month to constantly share with them new industry trends.

You can partner up with influencers to market this.  Some of these influencers are linked below.

Dropservicing Niche 3 - Artwork Niche

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

Creating a service that allows people to get a personalized illustrated artwork of themselves. People will provide you a photograph of them which will be used to make an illustrated artwork. You can also add an upsell which gives people the option to add imaginative things to the art like a famous celebrity with them in the art.

After they have purchased the product you can upsell them again for a physical frame of the artwork directly delivered to their door.

Potential Targeting:

  • Friends of people with birthdays coming
  • Relatives of people with birthdays coming
  • Parents with a kid
  • Single mom with a kid
  • People with pets
  • Old age men

Dropservicing Niche 4 - Cinematic Product Ad

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

The other niches were B2C focused whereas this niche is a B2B focused. Creating a service that gives small internet marketers, influencers & small businesses a cinematic video ad for their services or products. 

A cinematic ad is different from a normal ad/commercial. This ad has a meaningful theme and consists of great storytelling. This ad will help these marketers, influencers & businesses build credibility in their niche. You can also add upsells such as a voiceover in any accent & a concept for the ad.

We already discussed targeting for this niche. However, we can dig deeper into the targeting. For example: Targeting only small businesses that provide IT services. I didn’t include such a deep niche into this because of differences in the industry. Your expertise may lie in a completely different industry from what I would have suggested. The biggest advantage here is that every industry needs a video ad in today’s social world.

Dropservicing Niche 5 - Social Media Marketing

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

You can create a service that helps brands advertise on Tik Tok. Since this is a new platform not many people know how to use it. You can take advantage of this by offering small businesses a service for managing their ads on Tik Tok.

As said earlier social media marketing is extremely saturated. 

Dropservicing Niche 6 - Social Media Marketing v2

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

Creating a service that offers online educators a complete package to set up their business. You can add additional features like dedicated community section with individual profile [You can do so by adding a subdomain and installing the buddyboss theme, test series, leaderboards for students, an automated system for doubt clearance. The online education industry is at a boom right now in every other country. You can way more countries with this. For the targeting, I would suggest local institutes and teachers. You will need a video ad for this. 

Dropservicing Niche 7 - Influencer Social Media Marketing

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

This service is for influencers. As you would know every other person on social media wants to become a famous influencer, right? We can capitalize on this opportunity by offering service only to a specific set of influencers and guiding them including marketing them on social media. You can make this an application style service where people cannot buy the service directly, instead, they have to apply. We can start with one social media like Tik Tok because that’s in huge demand. You can give a guarantee – this will help in building trust. For the fees, you can sign a contract just like music labels or can do something like only 30% advance payment and the rest after the completion of work. 

Dropservicing Niche 8 - Online Education

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

Overview: Most of the places are lockdown because of coronavirus

The online learning industry & side income industry are getting popular because of this.  Many people lost their jobs and realized the value of side income mainly through the internet.

The niche – You can go B2B or B2C. For B2C you can create a service that helps normal people to create a side income through the internet. This industry isn’t new but it is seeing a very high growth rate. You can create various different services like Consulting.

For B2B you can help businesses doing exactly what is mentioned above. Creating a service that helps small businesses create an online platform. You can go micro-industry here with helping only schools or independent tutors.

A video ad with copywriting that is relevant to today’s scenario can be a game-changer.

Dropservicing Niche 9 - Logo Design

Dropservicing Niches & Micro Niches fin 2020

This is a niche related to logo design. Honestly, Logo design is one of the most competitive niches out there. However, I have tried my best to find a micro niche in logo design.

This is not exactly a logo design for a business but a logo design for individuals also known as a signature. The majority of people especially job seekers have a very old fashioned resume and no other professional personality of their own. Like they just have an email address with a third-party email provider such as Gmail. They also don’t have a professional signature that they can use in emails and resumes to look more professional. You can create a service that will target job seekers to create a professional signature for their name. 

The sales:

The target audience for this service is job seekers who are willing to pay money in exchange for a service that will help them in getting a good job. A job seeker can pay anywhere upto $500 for a professional service to increase their credibility. 

The marketing:

You should use youtube influencers who make videos on this topic and then retarget people on Fb and youtube. A more micro niche could be for job seekers who are specifically searching for remote jobs or are freshers or are students. You can also target young entrepreneurs. You can request these influencers to create a video especially to improve their resume and get a job. This video will include a point to have a signature and then the influencer can suggest your company. I have researched some of the influencers for you:

  1. Thomas Frank
  2. The College Info Geek Podcast
  3. Nathaniel Drew
  4. Simon Clark
  5. Keep Productive
  6. Francesco D’Alessio


  • Service for product explainer videos with professional-grade audio in any language or accent.
  • Service for creating professional-grade video product demos of dropshipping products.
  • Service for creating a skit or a short play for a demo of a service or product.
  • Service for building a community website as a subdomain for self-help youtubers.
  • Service for creating advanced VFX for a product ad.
  • Service for voiceovers in a commercial purpose in any accent.


There a lot more dropservicing niches & micro micro niches that you can target. I hope you will have found something new reading this article. Please do not forget to get the world’s best hosting for a 70% discount. Comment below the niche or micro niche you liked the most.

Startup Plan for $0.33